RTC Services


Whether that need is a full scale .Net application or touchups to a site developed with classic ASP. we will help you identify weak points and provide suggestions on where and how to improve them. We use the technology that fits your need.

  • Microsoft .NET
    Our team uses all of the latest .NET technologies from Microsoft to create scalable, reliable applications to meet your needs. We work with .legacy NET 1.1 platforms through the new .NET 4.5 platforms. Our team embraces these technologies and other leading edge .NET technologies like Silverlight., and mobile.
  • Classic VB and ASP
    We realize that many of our clients will have a substantial investment in existing applications coded in VB or classic ASP. Our team has 40 years of programming experience to help support these products or help you architect an upgrade of your existing application.
  • Adobe Flash/Photoshop
    Our experienced design team can create dynamic flash applications, flash intro’s or slick graphics for your web or print needs. Our experienced development team can use Action Script to program the backend of any Adobe Flash based application, or to support your existing applications.
  • AJAX/JavaScript
    The RTC Services team can use the Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX and JavaScript to create great experiences for your clients. Web sites designed with these technologies are more responsive, and more visually appealing to your clients/customers.
  • Infrastructure
    Our infrastructure team works with all of the latest technologies including Server 2007, Server 2003, SQL 2005, SQL 2008 R2, SQL 20012 Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007. Our team can also support legacy technologies and Cisco products.