RTC Services

Current Projects

We are currently working on several large projects for a sports bar franchise. Among these are projects that integrate an online inventory management application using hand held computers to scan items during physical inventory and ties it into their POS system. The system generates orders through an online interface, and tracks inventory shrinkage based on received quantities - sales vs. quantities actually on hand. The management interface also allows them to set reorder levels for each item and each store, and generates the orders with the click of a button.

A second project that is running concurrent is a system that allows them to manage alcoholic beverage items and generates menus dynamically for their large selection of stores.

This includes a very integrated management piece that allows beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages to be added; and prices, regions, users etc to be managed easily through the user-friendly UI. From there, a menu file is generated that can be easily imported into their design software from which they can print custom menus for each of their locations, without a delay in time, and without incurring additional costs.

We are also developing a site for a fitness instructor focused on offering fitness classes personalized for individual abilities and goals. The site will focus on this, as well as showcase the specialty classes, including Yoga/Pilates, Tai Chi/Chi Kung, and Zumba, helping site visitors to understand the different styles, describing class formats, as well as where and when the various classes will be offered.

We have recently completed a project for a local sports entertainment themed radio talk show hosted. Visitors can check out the Babe or Stud of the Month and vote for their favorite, download the duo's latest video podcast, see their upcoming outings and events, follow the stats of favorite sports figures, and so much more. One feature of this site is that it is so dynamic, offering the site owner the ability to add new photos to the Babe or Stud of the Month photo galleries; add and delete podcasts; and track how many hits their site is receiving and where those hits are coming from–which is a huge marketing tool in the radio business.